The Inward Man

Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. There are two kinds of men; the outward man also called the carnal man and the spirit man or the inward man. The carnal man makes his conclusions based on his senses; what he feels, sees, touches, tastes etc, but the spirit man makes his conclusions based on the word of God. We must first of all pay attention to the man on the inside.

The inward man is also called the spiritual man and his real food is the Word of God. Just as the physical body requires food for strength, likewise the inward man is strengthened by feeding on the word of God.

Change comes from inside not from outside. To effect a meaningful and lasting change, the inside has to change first. As a Spirit man, you have to develop your spirit and let it come alive. Let all you do be based on the leading of God and His word and not on your feelings; do what the word says to do irrespective of your feelings.